Real Estate Pyrmont


In the state of New South Wales, in Sydney Australia, lies an inner city suburb known as Pyrmont. It is located approximately 2 kilometers south-west of the Sydney central business district, and is a part of the Darling Harbour Court. It is situated in the local government area of the city of Sydney.

With its wharves, waterfront, shipbuilding yards, factories and woolstores, real estate Pyrmont was once a vital part of Sydney’s thriving industry. As the industry greatly declined, both the population and the area itself also deteriorated. With a recent arrival of office workers and residents, however, real estate Pyrmont has begun to show signs of resurgence and revitalization, thereby now making real estate Pyrmont a viable opportunity for potential real estate investors and renters.

Investment Property Pyrmont

Real estate in Pyrmont offers varying choices for potential investors and renters alike. Although it may not be very attractive to very big families with a lot of pets that are in need of wide-opened spaces, it has the potential to entice an average-sized family to its harbour-side suburbs. The choices range from small to lavish apartments to suit a very wide-cross section of tastes and budgets.

Studios in Pyrmont:

There are only few studios in Pyrmont, and the available ones are usually sold quite inexpensively; usually for under $250,000. These studios are usually standard in size, ranging from between 29-35 square metres. They are normally situated in large apartment multiplexes that have resort-like amenities. Rentals in Pyrmont apartments usually go for $300 a week.

Standard 1-2 Bedroom Apartments in Pyrmont:

Standard 1-2 bedroom apartments in Pyrmont usually go for between $310,000 and $600,000. They are roomy; upwards of fifty-five square meters for a one bedroom and 75 square metres for a two bedroom. These types of apartments are readily available in Pyrmont, and are more often than not, situated in large, safe apartment blocks. They too have resort-style amenities with features that include balconies and open plan kitchens. There are cheaper apartments in Pyrmont, but these are a lot less available and are usually found in older buildings.

Warehouse Conversions in Pyrmont:

These are usually more expensive than the standard apartments. They range in price from upwards of $400,000 for a one bedroom, and up to over $600,000 for a two-bedroom. They feature very high ceilings, very fashionable interior designs, and high-end fittings. They are comparable to lofts in New York, with their split-level styles. Although they often times do not have the balconies and roof-top gardens that the apartments in the larger developments would have, they are roomier, have denser walls, and highly-polished wooden floors.

Luxury Apartments in Pyrmont:

Luxury apartments in Pyrmont can carry a price tag of well over a million dollars. However, their price tags are justifiable as they have spa-baths, views of the harbour, sprawling balconies, large in-complex private gardens, as well as all the other symbols of wealth. They can usually be found in the complexes very near to the harbour. All the foregoing choices make buying apartment Pyrmont an option that is available to a wide cross-section of incomes.