Real Estate Haymarket


Haymarket is home to Sydney’s Chinatown and it is located adjacent to Darling Harbour. This community is thriving in Chinese culture with thousands of food halls, noodle bars and grocers that specialize in Asian cuisine. One of the most exciting factors of Haymarket is the ever popular discount shopping, people from all over Australia venture to this impeccable town in hopes of obtaining bargain after bargain. The night life is absolutely astounding with a dozen restaurants that are open later than expected and not to mention the Friday Night City Night Market. This “festival” has residents from Sydney flocking to the streets in order to indulge themselves into a mix of entertainment, street theatre, delectable food and of course, shopping.

Real Estate Haymarket

The situation of real estate in Haymarket is quite interesting. 54% of the households in Haymarket are available for rent, which is extremely convenient for those who are looking for a place to move into right away. 37% of the housing population are families which is wonderful for anyone who is looking for a friendly and family fun neighbourhood to be a part of. 77.7% of the housing are apartments and 13.6% are detached homes which would prove to be great for any large family. The real estate in Haymarket is an ever booming industry and it is becoming more and more popular. With the expensive dwelling prices in Sydney, more and more families are flocking to Haymarket in hopes of finding a close alternative for less expensive prices or just good investment property. Real Estate in Haymarket is rated extremely high on the desirable places to live list in Australia which is a great selling feature for anyone who is interested in renting and/or purchasing a home. Simply speaking Haymarket real estate offers secure investment properties.

Haymarket is a combination of both of the best worlds available to a general population. With the vibrant night life and the exciting attractions, it is perfect for a single couple or a group of friends who are looking to find a place to live. Also, it has a family friendly atmosphere which means that you should feel safe being able to bring your family to this new area. Haymarket Real Estate has the right combination of night life and family activities. If you are looking for a great place where you can dine, shop, dance, and learn about new and exuberant cultures then investment property in Haymarket is the place that you should be looking. All of the people who have recently moved into the area are void of any complaints solely because they have fallen in love with the area and all of its surroundings. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Sydney CBD, you should set your sights in Real Estate Haymarket because it is great for you and your loved ones! With great food, great people, and brilliant sights to see, what’s not to love?