Real Estate East Sydney


Hyde Park is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful spots in Sydney, and with the suburbs that comprise East Sydney bordering the magnificent green space, it’s a location that is fast becoming one of the most popular real estate Sydney spots. It’s an area with a long history, as in 1900 East Sydney was one of 75 electoral divisions comprised of the inner eastern suburbs of Sydney including Darlinghurst, Paddington and Surry Hills before the division was abolished in 1969.

Located within the suburbs of Darlinghurst and Woolloomooloo, East Sydney is a bustling, thriving community that is home to many of Sydney’s most famous businesses, as well as to artists who make their homes in one of the many converted industrial warehouse buildings. It’s that sort of artistic vibe that makes the East Sydney are a perfect place for graphic design and advertising businesses to locate their offices.

It’s much more than just an artist’s enclave though, and the high property costs, combined with the numerous amenities in the area have made buyers sit up and take notice, realizing that an investment property in East Sydney might just be a fantastic idea. It also helps that East Sydney is in close proximity to the Sydney Central Business District (CBD) making it an ideal living spot for those that work in the CBD, but don’t want to be tied down to a long commute to and from the workplace.

There are plenty of places to eat and play in the area, and the Darlinghurst area is home to “Little Italy,” a stretch of Stanley Street that is home to many authentic Italian eateries, with Bill & Tony’s, an iconic Sydney hangout, considered by many to be the place for folks to eat and drink coffee. There are many more eating and entertainment options in the area with the hip Oxford Street, Kings Cross and Surry Hills locations all vibrant spots for the young and trendy.

Hyde Park may be the area that dominates the northern part of the region, but to the west you will find other great places like The Australian Museum, Sydney Grammar School and the Cook & Phillip Park and Pool complex, and for those who want to stay in shape you’ll find the famous City Gym, open 24 hours a day, located on Crown Street.

There is no doubt that real estate East Sydney is on the rise and a huge part of its appeal lies not only in the beauty of the surrounding area, but also in the diversity of people the area attracts, with artists, photographers and the young and trendy making the area home. It’s also home to the annual gay Mardi Gras and many other festivals that take place year round in Hyde Park. The real estate prices may be high, but can you really put a price on such a great place to live?