Credit score myths (and how you can actually improve your number)

However, with a bunch of myths floating around, it’s hard to understand what actually improves your credit score and what could jeopardise it. Whether you’re looking for a discount on your home loan or to secure new finance for yourself or your business, knowing your credit score and actively trying to improve it will shape […]

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oaks news

Here’s a rundown of the NSW Government’s affordability package:

Stamp duty abolished on first home purchases up to $650,000 (new and existing property); Stamp duty concessions on first home purchases up to $800,000 (new and existing property); Sydney Stamp duty on lenders’ mortgage insurance abolished for all buyers. This is usually 9% of the premium, so it’s a pretty hefty impost. This will benefit […]

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working money

Making the most of your money

I keep coming across an interesting problem. People say they want things to be simpler — investing, life insurance, retirement planning, etc. But when a simpler (and effective) option is proposed, they reject it as too simple. In most of the money situations I’ve come across, the best solution is almost by definition the simplest. […]

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Missed Tax

Missed Investment Property Deductions

An investment property should be selected based on the likelihood of it generating strong capital growth rather than secondary benefits such as rental yield or negative gearing. However, saying that, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t maximise the gearing benefits of your current or future investment property to save on tax! So, if you’re looking to […]

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Investment Prototype TOPS

Property Management

Renting out your property allows you to earn an income from your investment, but you really need to employ a proficient property manager so that your investment property is well maintained and continuously tenanted. Your property manager is responsible for a number of things, such as advertising your property, receiving enquiries during the leasing process, […]

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Property Investment

Why get involved in property investment ?

Some reluctant Australians are asking, is it worth investing in property? Despite talks of a housing bubble due to the rapid increase in house prices, there are still many reasons why making a long-term property investment in Australian can build your overall wealth. For one, based on historical data, investing in property provides higher and […]

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Capital City Property Growth

PROPERTY price growth has picked up pace increasing at its fastest rate in seven years.And in Sydney it has hit high speed with its growth rate faster than any experienced since 2002. The latest CoreLogic home value index revealed property prices increased 1.4 per cent across the combined capital cities in March. The annual growth […]

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Best way to manage you records for tax with a minimum fuss:

1. Ask a real estate agent to manage the property for you and get them to pay for all expenses from the rent they collect for you and try to avoid paying any expenses yourself 2. This allows you to use the rent collected to pay expenses instead of it sitting in their Trust Account.  […]

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Your Options When Buying A Property

Did you know that you have many options when it comes to deciding the entity that should own your new property? Most property buyers, even seasoned investors, default to simply buying the property in their own name, but this is not always the best and most financially savvy choice. The legally recognised owner of a […]

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Confidence Earned

Confidence is Earned not Faked

You can’t fake your way to confidence.  It’s not something you can manifest by good thoughts alone. Confidence is a byproduct of taking action that produces results which helps build confidence. The more you achieve, the more you succeed, the more your confidence grows. In a way, confidence is very much like a bucket. It […]

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