Property Investment

Why get involved in property investment ?

Some reluctant Australians are asking, is it worth investing in property? Despite talks of a housing bubble due to the rapid increase in house prices, there are still many reasons why making a long-term property investment in Australian can build your overall wealth.
For one, based on historical data, investing in property provides higher and above average returns than many asset classes in Australia.
Investment property in Australia has enjoyed a strong average annual growth rate and future demand is also a given, thanks to the increasing population and declining household size.
Forecasts reveal that huge housing demand lies ahead, with an additional 620,000 households required across the country by the year 2030.
This demand will continue to prop up real estate prices, while our changing demographics will ensure a steady stream of tenants.
In addition, the Australian government offers generous tax advantages to property investors through negative gearing, which is used by many average Australians and high-income earners to reduce their taxable income.