Darling Harbour Real Estate

Darling Harbour

Sydney’s real estimate market is still expensive in comparison to other parts of Australia. That said however, it does not change the fact that real estate isn’t still a very attractive type of investment in that part of Australia. The good news is that the price difference is now getting closer with respect to Sydney and other areas in Australia. This is so because the increase in real estate prices in Sydney has been lagging behind those in neighbouring cities. Darling Harbour rates high on the list of favourite places to live in Australia. Its attractiveness lies in its boardwalks, aquarium wildlife, and maritime museums coupled with its many restaurants. As such, it is a really desirable prospect for people who are looking into real estate to buy apartment Darling Harbour.

Darling Harbour is famous for the waterside visitors’ mecca that is situated in its centre. It is central to the business district and is in walking distance to it. The city skyline is visible from the Harbourside Shopping Centre, and the generous parking facilities in and around the area is more than sufficient to accommodate drivers both from in and outside the area.

Darling Harbour has a modern luxurious feel to it as it is situated on the waterfront, west of the city. Developed in the 1980′s, it was previously a dockland. The gorgeous water’s edge is lined with a Habourside shopping complex, and restaurants, which renders it a premier location for both shopping as well as relaxation. All this combines to make real estate Darling Harbour a very attractive prospect.

Real estate Darling Habour is also a very family-friendly option, what with so many of Sydney’s attractions right there to choose from. These attractions include hands-on fun, magnificent areas for sightseeing and open areas for children to run free. With Sydney’s wonderful subaquatic creatures on display at the Sydney Aquarium – Sydney proudly boasts that it has the number one attraction in Australia, as well as one of the largest aquariums in the world.

During the Great Depression, Darling Harbour became dilapidated and its industry began failing. However, it was restored as a pedestrian and tourist district as an initiative of who was back then the Minister of Public Works, in New South Wales, Laurie Brereton.

People with families who are looking to rent or own properties in Sydney are usually looking for cost effective properties as well as prime location that is neighbouring the city, as well as areas that have a more village feel. While some people are interested in the more prominent areas, other are looking to invest and live in areas that offer them the choice to develop on existing real estate and make it into what they want it to be so that is reflects their personal style and taste. Real Estate Agents, who are knowledgeable about the real estate climate in Sydney, are available to help potential buyers find housing solutions that are tailor-made for them, especially if they choose to buy apartment Darling Harbour.